Super Powers

I am having so much fun with this blogging lark and feel that I am meeting so many wonderful people. People of different ages, genders, religions, beliefs, nationalities but all people with wonderful things to share,

I am sure among my wonderful new acquaintances there are many women of my age or super mums who will have a “wee wee” giggle about this.

Jacqueline of A Cooking Pot and Twisted Tales bought it straight to mind when she said

I practically wake up with ”Thank you Lord” on my lips each morning before dashing to the loo, getting some business taken care of and going through my to-do list in my head.

morning abultions

I feel I have met so many of you who are sharing your super powers, the aforementioned Jacqueline, Momma, Cee, Lynz, Janet, Lucile, just to name a few of the super women out there. Oh, and gentlemen don’t worry, you aren’t forgotten, just deserving of your own post when I find something that is worthy of you!

There are too many of you to mention but I hope you know who you are! May your blogging super powers continue to shine! Toilet stops are permitted but will never reign supreme!

Just Saying!

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