Misty Mysticism and Spiritualism

Lumbini, Nepal (2) Lumbini, Nepal (3) Lumbini, Nepal (4)

Lumbini, Nepal (1)

After traveling through the hustle and bustle that is the 24/7 madness of India we made a land border crossing into Nepal. The pace of life seemed to slow instantly and calmness descended. We had arrived in Lumbini which  is considered the birthplace of Buddha and is a place of great spiritual importance.

We visited  the park and archealogical ruins on misty morning. Pilgrams were seated under the Bhodi tree in quiet contemplation. Others were chanting. Incense wafted and swirled in the air. Nepalese prayer flags adorned the trees and buildings. The mist added a mystical edge to the spirtual atmosphere.

In response to Jennifer Nichole Wells One Word Photo Challenge – Pick your own

Yoroshiku Onegai shimasuimages (1)


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