Paint the Town Blue!

Chefchaouen nestled under the Rif mountains in Morocco.

We bumped into town on a very local bus, a bone jarring, jam packed, get to know the locals, experience if ever there was one! I know the exact date we were there, April 29, 2011, because we saw Prince William and Kate Middleton getting married as we sat on Moroccan cushions in our cheap backpackers.

The old town or medina is painted blue. In the medina, men in hooded robes sat and discussed the comings and goings of the world and looked they could have been extras for a Harry Potter film. The streets were narrow and winding. Alleys and doorways offered fleeting glimpses of life in the town.

Outside the city walls, great views can be had after hiking up the hills, As we wandered, we were approached by a young lad hoping to sell us marujuana. I suspect we were somewhat older than his normal clientele. Maybe he had us pegged for aging hippies reliving our glory days. He was disappointed to find it was not our thing, We read later than the area was known for its locally grown product.

In Response to Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge – Anything Painted.

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