Magnetic pull of Penang. Trinkets and Memories # 24

Challenge Outline

Being a big fan of several Photo Challenges, I am now hosting one myself.I would love it if you could take part! This is the 24th week to date.  Please click here for the challenge outline. Please post a link to your post on this page and I will make sure I put it on my challenge page for others to see too!

I look forward to checking out your posts!

So without further adieu here is my 24th trinket.

Fridge Magnets from Georgetown Penang

Travels trinkets don’t have to be expensive to bring back rich memories.

Georgetown, Penang in Malaysia is an amazing place to visit. The old town is a Unesco heritage site. Through out the streets there are beautiful old buildings of architectural note, amazing street hawker food and the most fabulous street art in the form of murals.

These magnets picture the murals of Ernest Zacharevic. My wanders around Georgetown centered on hunting out his works. On the way I encountered lovely local neighborhoods, food, people, temples, and interesting shops and galleries.

Ernest’s works incorporate objects. The wee lad reaching up in painted standing atop a real chair. The window he is reaching for is real as is the bottle sitting on the ledge. The bike the kids are on is an actual bike. It add a lovely 3 dimensional feel to piece.

While wandering I came across an art exhibition that had some of Ernest’s pieces for sale. The canvas were not the norm but rather objects like a bamboo shutter. I would have loved to have bought a piece but alas with recognition now comes a price tag and they were a little past my budget traveller pocket.

I had a glorious week in Georgetown. wandering the streets and eating. The food was superb! Malaysian food is an ethnic delight, Indian, Chinese and Malay, delicious and cheap! so cheap!

These wee magnets brighten my grey metal desk at school and can transport me back to spicy balmy days in Georgetown at a glance.

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