Tears and a Prayer for France

Eiffel 1My heart goes out to the people of France today and to all those affected by the senseless act of terroism that occurred in Paris yesterday. It must be said that there is no victory for the perpetrators of such wanton violence. Any organisation that believes their cause justifies such actions is sadly mistaken. The people who orchestrated this attack may say they did it in the name of their religion but I hope that we will not blame the Muslim faith as I have met many wonderful people who practice this religion with great kindness and compassion but rather we need to recognise them as not a religion but a fanatical organisation which should be held to account.

Today many have shed tears and offered prayers for France and I think too we have shed tears for mankind.

Yoroshiku Onegai shimasuimages (1)


( I wrote this as a post note on a recent post but feel it needs to be said on its own)

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