Perched on an Ant Hill

August the 17th 2014. I know because it was my birthday and what a fabulous day it was.

It started early with a sunrise game drive and ended with the lights turned out and a sudden cacophony of pan lids as our cook and safari guide along with the every other safari guide at the camp site marched into the dining shelter singing “Happy Birthday” complete with a freshly baked and iced cake, an incredible feat in itself!

The highlight of the day was our cheetah spotting. We first saw it in the distance, prowling the savannah of the Serengetti. There was massive blackened stretch that had burnt at some point and our cheetah was walking along with feline grace, ever watchful for distant game.



It came to a termite hill and climbed up for a rest and a viewpoint. There it sat for quite some time. We moved off for our own toilet break and a lunch stop. After lunch the was a burst of radio activity and our guide headed towards a group of trucks parked some way away.

There was our cheetah, this time much closer to our parking place. It was very intent and watchful, sitting in the grass.

Our guide told us it had made a kill, a small Thompson Gazelle. As we watched, the cheetah put its head down and began to tear at its kill.

When it head came up, its jaws were red with blood.


In Response to Jennifer Nichole Wells One Word Photo Challenge – Ant 

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