Dogs and Logs

Lulu was a wonderful dog, a real softy with a big Staffy grin. She was an absolute bitzer, a Ridgeback crossed with a Staffy we think. I got her from the pound.

She loved to play with other dogs and had a bevy of friends, Brodie the Boxer, Daisy the Rottie, Bailey the Wheaten Terrier and her buddy and house mate, wee Waipara the Minature Foxy. They often came to play or to go for a walk in the forest next to my house.

Lulu loved a good “stick” or should I say a log! She would find the biggest “stick” she could and lug it around. Her doggy friends would latch on and a tug of war would ensue with Lulu inevitably coming off as Top Dog.

Lulu and her “stick”

DSC_0130DSC_0131 1DSC_0131

As I said Lulu was very social, great with kids and other dogs. One day we babysat this wee black Lab puppy. Lulu was like a kid with a doll. She thought that wee pup was her special toy. She even got him started on his own stick.


In reponse to Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge

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