Thursday Doors. #1 World Trip

Australia – Brisbane

2011 January 12th Brisbane. Queensland Floods


In 2011 I embarked on a world trip for 1 year. It was self indulgent, decadent and wonderful! I met people, saw places, experienced cultures and passed through many new doors.

I love this challenge and up till now never realised how many doors I have in my photos. I have decided to approach this by retracing my world trip steps and introducing doors from the different places I visited.

I left NZ on January 6th and popped over to the Sunshine Coast in Queensland to visit friends for a few days. The Sunshine coast was a somewhat optimistic name as it never stopped raining the whole time I was there.

I was in Brisbane on the 12th. A natural disaster had been declared. Upstream, the Brisbane river had flooded causing loss of life, it was like an inland tsunami. Brisbane city was bracing itself for a big surge down the river and holding their breath to see what devastation the high tide might bring.

The city was closed down and shop doors were sandbagged. I was due to fly ut but the train system was closed. I managed to flag down a taxi with another travelling couple and made it to the airport to fly out on the beginning of my big adventure.

Luckily the river did not break it banks in Brisbane city so the damage, though significant, was not as bad as foreseen. It was a waterlogged and inauspicious start to a wonderful year!

1 Brisbane Jan 2011 (1)1 Brisbane Jan 2011 (2)



In response to Norm 2.0‘s Thursday Doors

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