1. 1.
    a device or piece of equipment designed to perform a specific task.
    “electrical and gas appliances”
    synonyms: device, machine, instrument,gadget, contraption,apparatus,utensil, implement, tool, mechanism, contrivance, labour saving device, ammenity, aid, gizmo, mod con.

I looked around my cluttered workroom at school and contemplated the above definition. I was amazed by the amount of gizmos we had surrounding us. Many of them are now redundant and gathering dust, superceded but the next generation mod con, though I must admit my particular work space is reminiscent of some dusty junky “Steptoe and Son” junk shop. I am not sure why half the things are still here!

My desk is in the Student Career Counselling Department. Here are a few of the gadgets, tools and devices that are lying around.

First up a puzzle for you. The answer is revealed at the end of the post.

What is this apparatus?

Here are some of the other things scattered around the place, none of which I have ever witnessed being used!




A very blunt paper cutter


IMG_5174This is the one mod con that does get regular use, our electric hot pot for heating water for numerous cups of coffee and tea! I like the juxtaposition of the big old kettle by it. The kettle has not been made redundant by its more modern and up to date friend as we use the kettle to fetch the water for hotpot. They have a nice kind of symbiosis going.

This challenge got me thinking. What gadgets, tools, gizmos and appliance couldn’t I do without? Of course the obvious are my computer, my camera, my hard drive and my portable internet connection but in terms of household gadgets I would have to say my electric hot pot is a top ranking contender and the simple nail clipper gets a look in. I have a real love affair with my bread maker too. How about you? Apart from your life blood blogging tools what are your top three everyday useful or neccessary appliances?

In Response to Jennifer Nichole Wells’ One Word Challenge – Appliance

Click here for the answer to the first Apparatus.

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