Costa Rica Style Eye Spy

Costa Rica was an ecological wonderland. I ended up there by default. I was meant to be in the Middle East but the Spring Uprising of 2011 started and I changed my travel plans.

I enjoyed visiting Monte Verde and Manuel Antonio. I took full advantage of guided walks with the park ranger in Manuael Antonio and graduate students from the University of Georgia in MonteVerde. With their help I was able to spy numerous bird and wildlife that were nestled in the cloud forest and jungle. My guides were so knowledgable and able to spot the slightest movement. They knew the animals’ habitats and habits so well they could show us all sorts of things we would never see on our own.

We got some close up views of sloths, monkeys, toucans and humming birds through our guide’s telescope and he had the technique of taking a photo through the telescope down to perfection.

I spy with my little eye, a telescope and my camera ………


smallEye Spy (15)

A Hummingbird chick in nest

Eye Spy (12)

A Tarantula on our night walk!

In Response to The Daily Post Weekly Challenge, Eye Spy

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