Artisans of Wood and Metal

Essaouria, Morocco

Behind these massive wooden doors with large metal studs lay some of the most amazing woodworking work shops.

Wood and Metal (4)

Essaouria is a small seaside town in Morocco. The town’s seaside medieval ramparts where once part of the towns defences and held ammunitions. Huge metal canons on wooden cradles still sit atop the ramparts looking out to sea. A fleet of blue wooden boats moor in the harbour. It’s a great place for fresh seafood!

The ramparts later became stables for stock and now they have been incorporated into a souk or marketplace famous for it Marquetry, the art of inlaid woodwork.

Wood and Metal (3)

Such a pity my backpack could not accomodate this!

Toledo, Spain

Toledo is well known for inlaid metal work called Damascene.

We came across an artisian’s work shop near our hotel. Damascene is beautifully intricate and delicate work which originally found its way to Toledo from Damascus. I was interested to find out Japan has a similar technique.

One of the joys of traveling for me is finding the local markets and crafts. These artisians were memorable and photo worthy!

In response to Cee’s fun photo challenge Wood and Metal

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5 responses to “Artisans of Wood and Metal

    • Essaouria was lovely. Very colourful and picturesque. I would have loved to have splurged in the shops there but it was the beginning of a long years traveling. My friend however got stuck in as she was only with me for the spanish Morocco leg. Packing was nevertheless a huge challenge!


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