Rugby Santa – Trinkets and Memories #28

Being a big fan of several Photo Challenges, I am now hosting one myself.I would love it if you could take part! This is the 28th week to date.  Please click here for the challenge outline. Please post a link to your post on this page and I will make sure I put it on my challenge page for others to see too!

I look forward to checking out your posts!

So without further adieu here is my 28th trinket

Rugby Santa

I love the festive season. I get the best of both worlds. Here in Japan the Christmas Hype is huge. Yes, it is very commercial but the lights, the decorations and the music playing everywhere is beautiful. The days have become cool and crisp and the bonus of days getting dark early are all the Christmas lights to be seen. I have fun in my classes as we do a unit on Christmas. We sing songs and look at the differences between Japan and home.

I teach 5 awesome Tongan lads here in Japan. They over here on rugby scholarships. I am sure for them Christmas time is a little bittersweet as they don’t get to go home and be with family but they do celebrate it as they have a very strong faith. I try and make out classroom a little Christmassy for them. We decorate it and have a Christmas party. We have learnt carols in Japanese and sing them and we look at the Christmas story in Japanese. When I saw this Santa Decoration I knew I had to buy it for our tree! It makes me smile and think of home.

rugby santa



Japan for the lead in is grand but  the actual day is just a normal work day in Japan. It is an incredible anti climax. I made the mistake once of spending Christmas here and swore never again.  There is no place like home to spend Christmas. For me, it is all about family and friends, fun, food, laughter and togetherness and love. I am looking forward to getting home on Christmas Eve, I may well be knocking on my folks door about the same time as Santa!

Whatever your faith or beleifs I wish you all the best for the end of the year and hope that 2016 proves to be all you wish for.

Seasons Greetings!

Yoroshiku Onegai shimasuimages (1)


3 responses to “Rugby Santa – Trinkets and Memories #28

  1. Hi, could you please tell me where you got your ornament from? Will probably be impossible to find now but its the nicest rugby santa I have seen!


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