Fabric and Textiles

Fabrics and textiles (1)

Japanese Obi or sash

I too, like Ailsa of Where’s my Backpack, love visiting local markets and flea markets when travelling and feel the fabrics, textiles and handicrafts of a country really tell a story about their culture and way of life.

I often purchase fabrics as they are not only beautiful but can be displayed and used in a practical way when I get home. I have a rug from Morroco, throws and blankets from Peru, Wall hangings from Japan, table cloths from Tanzinia to name a few.

I love the colour they bring to my rooms and the memories of great trips and people that they hold.

I have used some of these pictures in previous posts but here they are as a collection.



Vietnamese Embroidery

Fabrics and textiles (3)

Peruvian Wall Hanging

Fabrics and textiles (4)

Guatemala Market

Fabrics and textiles (5)

Guatemala Market

Fabrics and textiles (7)

Guatemala Market

Maroon Rug (2)

My Moroccan Rug


These links give a bit more info on the Japanese Obi, the Moroccan rug, The Peruvian wall hanging and the Vietnamese Embroidery

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