Looks good enough to eat!

Many Japanese restaurants have excellent window displays showing the various dishes they offer. The look very realistic but, in fact, are totally artificial. These models are known as “sampuru” or samples and were originally made from wax. Nowadays they are made from plastic.




You can find these for sale, but they are not cheap. A life-size model might set you back anywhere from $200 to $500. As you can see from these pictures, the restaurant has invested a lot of money replicating its menu so I guess that means the menu is not going to get a huge monthly overhaul!

They are one of the great things about eating out in Japan. Even if you can’t read a thing on the menu, you can drag the waiter outside and point to the one that takes your fancy. They are pretty much made to scale and you get something that looks just like the model only edible! If only the same could be said for the pictures on a MacDonald’s menu!

Beware! Occasionally you  will see a life like meal sitting on a table outside a restaurant. Before you stick your finger in it to see what these models feel like, check really carefully! I found out that sometimes it is a real meal! They sometimes put the dish of the day out for people to see. As it changes each day it doesn’t have its own plastic body double.

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