Such a naughty wee monkey!

My first trip to Africa was in 2007. I did a three-week overland truck safari. We started in Zambia at the Victoria Falls.

I was delighted by the monkeys playing near my tent so rushed out with my camera which had been bought especially for this trip. I was keen to get some practice in with these “nice” wee fellows.

Naughty Monkey 1Naughty Monkey 2Naughty Monkey 3

They seemed very obliging and happy to be the focus of my lens. Little did I know, these naughty little monkeys were just lulling me into a false sense of security. This innocent looking wee fellow below was as quick as lightning. I was changing the lens on my camera when he darted in and grabbed the one I had just put down!

Naughty Monkey 4

” You little monkey” along with a few other expletives, I thought. I tried to approach him, but the monkeys closed ranks and barred their teeth, so naughty!

I didn’t fancy a monkey bite or rabies before I had even started on my trip so I backed off. The naughty little monkey scampered up a tree with my lens in hand and seemed to be laughing at me.

I went to the hotel reception. They didn’t seem surprised at my dilemma and came down to the monkey gang’s hangout. The hotel man had a few stern words with the naughty monkey who promptly dropped the lens from the tree. Luckily the landing was soft and the lens was fine!

That was until I took it to the Victoria Falls and got it quite water logged. But that is another story!

In response to Ailsa’s Travel Theme Challenge, Naughty or Nice

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