Not long now!

Not long now and I will be home!


“Today is yours to shape. Create a masterpiece!”

-Steve Maraboli, Life, the Truth, and being Free


At this exact point in time, as in the time of typing, I can look out the window of Sydney Kingsford International Airport and see this view. My chariot awaits!

I left Japan late last night and arrived in Sydney at about 10 a.m. I had quite a layover as my connecting flight doesn’t leave until 6.45 p.m. Not the best planning on my part but I decided to shape today and it has been a masterpiece!

My luggage was checked through to Christchurch and I was checked in for both flights in Japan. I purposefully kept my hand luggage light. Getting to the city centre from the airport is a breeze. There is a direct train and it only takes about 20 mins.

I took myself down to Circular Quay which is the precinct for the Opera House, The Harbour Bridge and the beautiful Botanic Gardens. Armed with a freebie tourist map and literature, I wandered around and availed myself of the great outdoor cafes and the views.

Walking along the Quay

Breakfast with a view

A wander around the Iconic Opera House

A leisurely wander through the marvellous Botanic Gardens which celebrates its 200th Anniversary this year.

I finished my masterpiece of today or my now by visiting the New South Wales Art Gallery. It is a magnificent gallery. The are many free exhibitions which are well worth a look. There is a classy restaurant and also an excellent cafe. I popped in there to get out of the sun and spent an enjoyable couple of hours wandering around soaking up the great art. The Aboringal section was fascinating but for cultural reasons they asked that visitors do not take photos in that area.

New South Wales Art Gallery

Meeting the Locals

The cheeky locals flew in, joined me at my table and drank the milk meant for my cuppa. It was nice to get up close and personal, but you’d think they might ask if it was ok first!

Walking down to St James Station via Hyde Park

From the Art Gallery, it was a pleasant stroll down to the train station through Hyde Park. Lots of people were out doing the last minute Christmas rush and many were just enjoying the sunshine in the park.

I could have stayed another 40 minutes or so but desperately want to be on this flight so figured I would get back to the airport, relax and blog which brings us back to now!


I land about the same time as Santa so I will give him your best regards. For me it is not about the pressies, it is about family so if push comes to shove at customs with the big fat jolly man in red, I am going to elbow my way past! Hope he keeps his “ho ho ho ” intact!

Merry Christmas everyone! My “now” was pretty jolly good today but  tomorrow will be even better 🙂

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Whooohoooo boarding call happening right now!!!!!!!!!