Festive Family Feast

Christmas Day done and dusted for another year. A day on and we are still eating leftovers.

On Christmas day, we start the day early and have a Christmas brunch which just extends through the whole day.

Dad’s home grown baby potatoes, my youngest sister’s salads and her superb home made ice cream, Middle sister’s pavalova and Chou Creme wreath, my brother in law’s ham, oven fresh croissants, fresh seasonal berries, a lovely cheese board and whitebait all served with good cheer and laughter.

My sister and her family home from the States, me from Japan, youngest sister’s boyfriend back from England and subjected to meeting the whole family for the first time! My Aunty and Mum and Dad, eleven of us in all gathered around the table. Twelve if we count Jasper the “Jingle puppy” who was subjected to all sorts of indignities, a Santa’s hat, a reindeer outfit and a Jingle bell collar, but being a good sport he put up with it and was easily placated by the odd slice of ham!

A wonderful summer’s day spent with family. A beautiful Christmas brunch, a lazy afternoon, a snooze and an evening stroll with Dad and the “Jingle puppy”

It’s good to be home.

Season’s Greetings to everyone and bring on the New Year!

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