Walking off the Excess

Boxing Day 2015

After a festive family feast of great indulgence and lots of treats, Boxing Day dawned to a beautiful day.

My sister, her friends and I took a walk out on Banks Peninsula up  to the Packhorse Hut which affords great vistas of the Lyttleton harbour and across the other side of the peninsula to Lake Ellesmere.

The Packhorse hut is one of many resthouses on the peninsula that are a legacy of Henry George Ell.

Packhorse (15)

The Walk

I am looking forward to some more walks and getting out and exploring the peninsula while I am home over the New Year. How was your Boxing Day? Hope it was relaxing and well spent!

Yoroshiku Onegai shimasuimages (1)



10 responses to “Walking off the Excess

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  2. Enjoy your time at home! 🙂 Looks beautiful. If I were to do that hike as a tourist, would it be easy/safe? Or do you need to know stuff? We were looking at NZ as a holiday destination last year beacause of the beautiful nature, but it seemed that lots of hikes and activities were quite difficult if you don’t have experience?


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