Hot Air Rising

It seems amazing that something as weightless as hot air and a material as light as silk can lift the weight of 12 passengers, a very heavy oversized wicker picnic basket and the hot air burner high into the sky to enjoy the sunrise over the Australian Outback near Alice Springs.

Yet this is where I found myself one very early morning in October 2009, with my fellow intrepid traveller and good friend “K”.  We had just completed a 4WD safari around the Australian Outback and had arrived in Alice Springs. It was a different perspective of the ever expansive flat, dry seemingly neverending Australian Outback. It was peaceful and somewhat surreal to drift over the earth so quietly without stirring up the great clouds of orange dust that had followed us on our journey to date. Our only impact on the surface was our weightless shadow. Life stirred below us, kangaroos bounding, bird life, the sound of the freight train on its long and straight journey, defined by the rails while we drifted silently and seemingly weightlessly with no set path.


In response to The Daily Post’s Weekly Challenge – Weight(less)

Yoroshiku Onegai shimasuimages (1)


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