The Dinner Time Routine

Sometimes the routine cooking the evening meal can be a bit of drag, rustle through the fridge and cupboards, see what you have in terms of making a meal, preheat the oven, cook, eat, wash up, watch some telly, brush your teeth and then off to bed. However, when you are surrounded with family, the routine can be so much more fun.

I am not ready to let go of my holiday memories just yet so please let me savour them just that little longer, and savour I will, as just looking at these pictures makes my mouth water once again.

When it is the festive season, the routine is so much nicer. Meals are planned ahead of time, special dishes are made and chores are divvied up, with everyone lending a helping hand.

I am often asked what is a traditional NZ meal and I often find myself at a loss as I feel our country’s eating habits have changed so much. Our society is so more multicultural these days. However while home over Christmas I was treated to  a very traditional sit-down meal of roast lamb and baby potatoes grown by my dad, made all the more special by the presence of my niece, nephews, sister and brother in law.


Routine (3)

Dad’s freshly dug Baby Potatoes

Routine (2)

“M”‘s leg of lamb, fresh of the farm


My friend “M” came to visit off the farm bearing fresh farm eggs and a wonderful fresh leg of lamb. She was like the Kiwi version of one of the 3 wise men, she came bearing gifts!

I can’t remember the last time, if ever, I cooked a leg of lamb. Luckily my brother in law “C” and nephew aka “the sous chef” took charge and prepared a beautifully roasted leg of lamb. The Sous Chef inserted garlic cloves and rosemary into the lamb and then covered it with olive oil and ground sea salt and pepper

Routine (4)Routine (5)

“C” took charge of the oven temperature, the length of time to cook and the all important resting off the meat. Even though he was without his trusty meat thermometer, a tool he highly recommends, he did a superb job and cooked it to perfection!

Routine (6).JPG

We had dad’s delicious potatoes, simply boiled and slathered in butter, succulent lamb, gravy, vegetables and of course, the quintessential kiwi condiment to accompany the lamb, mint sauce.

As you can see, Mum and dad thought it was pretty good tucker!

Routine (1)

The after dinner wash up routine was smooth and the old adage ” many hands make light work” proved true.

As the Japanese say, ごちそうさまでした! Gochisou  sama deshita! Literally, it was a feast!

In response to Where’s My Backpack’s weekly travel theme – Routine  to Manja Mexi for your lovely post on the festive season’s over indulgences! and to the Daily Post’s weekly challenge Dinnertime

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