La symétrie de la France


A city of beautiful symmetrical architecture. two of its leading ladies are featured here today, the Sacre Coeur sitting above the city and the iconic Eiffel Tower


Often referred to as the French Rome. Its Roman architecture is very symmetrical.

The Pont du Gard and the Arena of Nimes


The Somme

The place of some of the bloodiest battles in World War 1, now a peaceful resting place to many nationalities lying in their well respected and cared for symmetry.

Lest we forget, R.I.P



NZ War Graves in the Somme


The Grand Palace of Louis XIV, known as the Sun King. It abounds in the history of the French Monarchy, The French Revolution, and Marie Antoinette. From the moment you enter the Sun Gate you are surrounded by the symmetry of the grand architecture, gardens and the fountains.


A beautiful historic French city with a long history. It has beautiful medieval buildings  with symmetrical features, dating back to the 1300’s when it was the French Papal seat.


The fortified walled town of Carcassonne is stunning. Just outside the walled town is the Canal Du Midi which was excavated in the 17th century and amazingly links the Atlantic to the Mediterranean. Its tree-lined banks and straight narrow path have a pleasing symmetry.


Carcassone – Canal Du Midi


In response to Cee’s Compose Yourself Challenge Week #14 Symmetry

May the coming year be as pleasing to you as symmetry is to the eye!

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