Thursday Doors #8 World trip

The doors of Millerton and Upstate New York

While spending time with good friends in New York in Jan 2011, we spent several weekends upstate in Millerton, exploring the many picturesque small towns nearby. It was a winter wonderland like I have never experienced before.

We had a lovely meal at the Red Lion Inn, one of the oldest inns in America. We passed through its doors which first opened in 1773.

millerton (3)b.jpg

The houses, barns and churches were all so pretty, they were like decorated cakes with a thick coating of white icing. Icicles adorned the porches. I could imagine inside was warm and welcoming.

Some doors looked as though they had been neglected for some time with maybe only ghosts passing through them, leaving no footprints in the snow.


millerton (4).jpg

In response to Norm 2.0‘s Thursday Doors. Thanks for hosting such a great challenge, Norm. I am enjoying retracing my 2011 world trip through my photos and revisiting the doors  I entered and passed during that time.

Yoroshiku Onegai shimasuimages (1)


10 responses to “Thursday Doors #8 World trip

  1. Another amazing collection of shots. So glad this has prompted you to dig through your archives. The set makes me want to head out on another road trip.
    I love the icicles too and the yellow barn 😀

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    • Thanks Norm. I am really enjoying going through the world trip files in order of places visited but there are so many other doors I want to share too! I might be cheeky and do the odd double post some weeks!

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