A Story of Kindness

The news is so full of violent, nasty, menacing things these days that it was lovely to read about this completely random act of anonymous kindness. No one knows who did this but I hope in the spirit of “pay it forward” and good karma this kind person finds reciprocal goodness in their everyday life! Their kind act was like a big sunburst and bought a smile to my face today.


‘I notice you got a parking ticket, I’m sure it’s the last thing you need especially when your rego expires in a few days, let this cover it. God bless have a great day,

anonymous kind person

Maybe we can’t all afford to be so generous in a monetary sense but we can all do our best to show kindness where possible. A little kindness can make a lot of difference.


#64 Perfect Sunlight

Kindness like a sunburst.


Just saying!

Yoroshiku Onegai shimasuimages (1)


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