An idea about ideas

Kerry of Aspernauts visited my Photo Blog “You Inspire Me” and kindly left me a word of inspiration. Her word was “Idea” and is the topic of this post and today’s photo on “You Inspire Me”

In our exchange of comments, she mentioned that she and a fellow blogger had been discussing what an idea is and it got me thinking too.

Today’s photo on “You Inspire Me” is based around the premise that an idea comes from a seed of thought. Often the 2 words can be interchanged. ” I have an idea” or “I have a thought” but to me, an idea is more than a thought. It is the actualisation of a thought. If you look at something that someone has produced you can say “what a great idea that is”.

I was in New Zealand for Christmas and took an evening stroll along the esplanade by the beach. Two things caught my eye and I took a photo of each because I specifically thought “what a great idea!” Someone with more imagination than me thought of these concepts. They took them beyond a thought and  grew them into practical, usable tangible objects which turned out to be awesome ideas.

Check these great ideas out.



This is a special rack for carrying your surfboard down to the beach on your bike. Many of the locals have adapted this idea.



A Solar Charging station in the form or a picnic table was situated near the kids park. Awesome idea!

Every day on WordPress, I see fabulous ideas in the form of blogs that you have produced. I can look at your blog, explore it and interact with it. You had a thought and transformed it into a great idea.

All the challenges I take part in are examples in kind, wonderful ideas. Just the other day I saw a post by Jennifer Nichole Wells of One Word Challenge Fame ( A good idea in itself!). She has started a new daily challenge called “Colour your World” It will run for 120 days and each day the word is one of the 120 colours from the Crayola colour palette.


Colour Your World

Screen shot of Jennifer Nichole Wells’ Challenge page


My instant reaction was “what a wonderful idea” Idea not a thought because she has made it happen, she has posted it and people are taking part. It has grown from the seed of thought now is beginning to flourish and grow as people join in and take part.

Every post you and I make is an idea. It is germinated from a seed of thought and the moment the publish button is pushed, an idea is born and shared. I love sharing my ideas with you and enjoy yours. I hope we can all help grow our garden of blogs by watering everyone’s seeds of thoughts with comments and feedback and positive interaction.

How about you? Any ideas on “Ideas”

Just saying!

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