Thursday Doors #9 World Trip

The Doors of DC

Washington DC was one of my final places to visit in America. It is a fabulous capital city. There is so much to see and explore, amazing monuments to past presidents, to the servicemen who sacrificed their lives for their country, incredible museums like the Smithsonian Institutes, the Capitol, the Obelisk and of course possibly the most famous door in the land, The White House.

So grand are many of these monuments, it is hard to do them justice. The shots of the buildings and monuments from high are from the viewing platform of the obelisk. I smile now when I look at these pictures and think I would have taken many different shots had I known about this Thursday doors challenge at the time!

It was a bitterly cold day but there was so much to see. I would love to get back there in spring one day and see the cherry blossoms down around the Jefferson monument. I’ll be sure to get a few more door close ups too!

In response to Norm 2.0‘s Thursday Doors.

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16 responses to “Thursday Doors #9 World Trip

  1. I haven’t been to DC in far too long. I’d love to go back and see the monuments and memorials that have been put there since I last visited. What a wonderful “door” picture of the Roosevelt memorial!

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    • Thank you Janet. Washington DC is a grand place but I always find it very welcoming. It is easy to get around and it seems that most of the places are free to enter and enjoy.


    • Yes they do. I think Americans sometimes take a bit of flack for patriotic fervour but I found the Washington DC memorials to be very moving as in the war memorial really did pay tribute to those that had fallen. They were are place for reflection. The memorials to past presidents were grand and recognised the presidents contribution to their place in history. It is a city that I really enjoy and would happily go back. Tho next time I’d like to be there for spring!

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