A sign of optimism



Varanasi, alongside the sacred River Ganges


This is possibly one of the most optimistic signs I have ever seen!

India proved to be the biggest culture shock, I have ever encountered and possibly the most challenging and confusing country I have ever been to. The constant barrage of noise, the sheer mass of humanity, the poverty one witnesses and the filth and pollution of the streets was an assault on the senses. Yet, there is an incredible beautifulness to be found in India too. The incredible depth to their culture and history, stunning architecture, beautiful saris worn by gorgeous raven haired beauties with complex henna patterns and jangling bracelets adorning their hands and arms, the laughter of the children, sparkling white teeth, elephants lumbering along the roads and wonderful food.

Even with poverty, the people seemed to live life with optimism and joy. Visiting the Ganges and bathing in its sacred waters seemed to me a great act of optimism. As a westerner, I couldn’t quite get past the fact that one family was bathing a mere 10 metres downstream from a bloated human corpse and another was joyfully splashing around as a dead cow serenely floated past. I did find the holy men fascinating and the funeral pyres and ceremonies beautiful.

Life alongside the Ganges


I would like to return one day and explore this amazing country, its culture and get to know the people better. I am optimistic I will make it!

In response to  the Daily Post’s Weekly Challenge – Optimistic

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