Odd Place for an oversized blow up monkey


Lausanne, Switzerland

An odd sight indeed, together with rather an odd sign. I am not sure if there was any particular meaning behind this rather odd oversized blow-up monkey and the sign but it did catch my eye on this day in Lausanne.

Lausanne was also the home to a very interesting and somewhat odd collection of art. If you are ever there, please check out the Collection de l’Art Brut, Lausanne. It was fascinating.

As a genre it was completely new to me. It is the work of the socially displaced, the mentally ill or recluses, people considered to on the outer edges of society.

French painter Jean Dubuffet assembled a collection of objects created by such people from 1945. He saw “an entirely pure, raw artistic operation that the creator fully reinvents in all its phases , as spurred uniquely by his own impulses.”

The creators of Art Brut are self-taught, they are not after fame or acclaim, they are unorthodox in their materials and way of thinking. Some of the works were quite disturbing in there subject matter and materials.  but part of the definition of Art Brut is it is not bound in any way by societal norms or values. There were many oddly beautiful pieces. It was creative and very diverse. It was an odd find but well worth the visit!

In response to Cee’s Odd Ball Challenge Week #4

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4 responses to “Odd Place for an oversized blow up monkey

    • yes! was it trying to escape? was it some weird and kinky bordello? A zoo fetish maybe, some who loves the Planet of the Apes? A ninja monkey? A made scientist’s experiment gone wrong? lol

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