Backlit Blue

The Grotta Azzurra or the Blue Grotto in Capri is a sea cave which in which the sea is a striking blue due to being backlit by the sun.

It is shockingly touristy and jammed packed with small row boats streaming in and out of the grotto while being serenaded by rich Italian baritones but I am glad I can say I have seen it because exploitation of commercial tourism aside it was indeed a sight to behold!

Blue Grotto 3

Blue Grotto (1)

In response to Jennifer Nichole Wells One word Challenge – Backlit

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10 responses to “Backlit Blue

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  2. Oh wow! It is so beautiful! We visited Italy a couple of years ago and so hopes to see this. Unfortunately the sea was too rough and it was not safe to enter the grotto. Thanks for sharing! At least I can see it from your eyes.

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