Glossy Vibrant Vietnam

Glossy vibrant embroidery cottons from Hue and the incredibly fine work produced, Vibrant glossy lanterns in Hoi An, The street cobblers glossy vibrant wares on the sidewalks of Hanoi, the lacquered vibrant and glossy water puppets ( who were almost upstaged but the big sleek glossy rat who ran along the wall behind them!), The vibrant smiles of the glossy black haired Hmong hill tribe children and their vibrant laughter, the vibrant sunset setting on the glossy white sand of Riach Gia and beautiful elegant ladies wearing glossy vibrant Ao Dai, the traditional demure dress of Vietnam are of few of the very vibrant memories I have of Vietnam.

In Response to Where’s my Back? Travel Challenge – Gloss and The Daily Post’s weekly Challenge – Vibrant

Please pop over and check out my Glossy and Vibrant Photo post on My Photo Blog “You Inspire Me”

Yoroshiku Onegai Shimasuimages (1)


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