Stoked, Chuffed, Chipper

Yep I am feeling stoked. I am feeling quite chuffed with myself and chipper about my Photo Blog, “You Inspire Me”

In other words, I am feeling very happy and quite pleased with myself! I started it 3 months and 2 days ago with the aim to post a photo a day inspired by suggestions from visitors, from comments received and from other blogs I read and follow.

To date, I haven’t missed a day! I am up to post #94. I am not quite getting as many suggestions for a word to post a picture for as I had hoped, but there is no end of inspiration from fellow blogger’s posts. It has not only inspired posts but has inspired me to check out other people’s blogs. I make an effort to check  out my follower’s blogs and anyone who stops by and leaves a like.

I do have a question for my NihongoJapango followers. When I set up “You Inspire Me” I seemed to put it under the umbrella of NihongoJapango. It is not quite a separate identity. I am wondering if NihongoJapango followers also get notification of “You Inspire Me” posts in their reader?

Here is a selection of some of the photos on “You Inspire Me”. In the name of blatent self promotion, please feel free to pop over and check it out and I’d really love you to leave me a word so I can dedicate a post to you! Thanks to all those who have done so to date.

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22 responses to “Stoked, Chuffed, Chipper

  1. I follow both your blogs and get separate notifications in my reader when you post in both. I think it’s great to have a one-photo-a-day blog and if I was more obedient and loved rules, I’d have one myself. 😀 Your images are beautiful. I’ll give you a prompt (even though I already gave you *amore* some time ago): the word is *desert*, because I remember a spectacular shot of yours from Namibia (if I’m not mistaken). Wishing you much fun for the future.


  2. I follow the two blogs separately and posts from each appear independently of the other in my Reader. Interestingly though, if I click on the author link “leannenz”, on either blog, I’m only ever led back to NihongoJapango, not You Inspire Me. These things are never just straightforward are they?!


    • Thanks Kerry. I think I kind off mucked it up when I set “You Inspire Me” up. I thought I was setting up a completely new blog but somehow NihongoJapango seems to be the mother ship! Am a little scared to try and separate them in it much things up for my small but loyal band of regular followers and visitors.


      • I see you have a link to You Inspire Me in your Menu bar on NihongoJapango but perhaps a photo/text widget link -somewhere really obvious – might be useful for stray wanderers who find themselves at the mother ship and wonder how they got there! 🙂


        • I need to learn how to do a photo link. That was my original intention but couldn’t get it to work. Thats why I put the slide show next to the link and also have an article about You inspire me at the top but maybe the title of that is not so obvious! Thanks for the feed back!


          • I think it’s interesting how other people actually perceive our blogs compared to how we think they might perceive them. Some feedback I had on mine the other day: “It’s impossible to navigate.” My notion of ‘straightforward’ is not everyone’s! 😀

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            • I will have to go back and check yours! I am guessing I don&t find it hard to navigate as I am following you! I find the same thing with a lesson in the class room. I prep something, think it is fairly logical and straight forward and the kids look at me as if I am a martian jabbering away in some incomprehensible language. I then have to rethink on the spot!

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            • I think yours is easy to navigate! The problem I have with some is figuring out how to like or comment but that is not usually the bloggers fault but rather how that theme is set up. Once you find it it is fine. It is just there are so many great themes out there and they are all different to use.


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