A Mood Indigo Soul’s lovely picture of wash day took me back to my childhood, the old wringer washing machine and summer days in my backyard.

It also took me to Morocco, and the blue town of Chechauoen. Outside of the walls is a public laundry area. Women and children gather there and in the stream wash the family clothes and carpets. We came across this scene as we went for a hike up around the hills surrounding the town.


It looked like hard work but there was laughter. water play and a lot of chat. It was “social work”

Yoroshiku Onegai shimasuimages (1)





6 responses to “Washday

  1. I remember wringer washers and my mom reminding me not to get my fingers caught in the wringer! In France, there are still places in many villages where people came to wash their clothes. I think in older times, when work was so difficult, the social aspect of much of it might have been what made it somewhat tolerable!


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