An Evening at the Races

Have you ever had a flutter on the Gee Gees?

Personally, I don’t know a thing about horse racing and wouldn’t know a piece of fine horse flesh from some poor old worn dear heading to the glue factory.

However, on a lovely warm summer evening, my good friend “S”, her dad and I headed to a racing meet in Southwell, somewhere in North England. I was visiting from Japan and “S”‘s folks were over from NZ

We had such a fun time. “S”‘s dad is knowledgeable about horses and his flutters with the bookie involved reading the form book and making somewhat informed decisions on prior racing history and a close-up inspection of the horses as they were paraded around.

As you can see, he has some success!

Flutter on the Gee Gees (6)

I, however, had a somewhat different approach to a flutter on the Gee Gees. My theory is it is all in the name. How could I resist Betty Boo? It made me think of my dear friend Betty in NZ!

As you can see, my flutters were not bank breaking, and just as well, because I came home with an empty wallet!

Empty wallet or not, it was a fun night out with great company, a lot of yelling, cheering and laughter. I know my fortune is not going to be made trackside but, as a one-off outing, it was great fun!

Flutter on the Gee Gees (1)

Southwell Race Track, August 2013

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