Colourful feelings of warmth and cold

Cee’s tutorial this week in her Compose Yourself Challenge delves into the colour spectrum and asks us to explore warm and cool colours.


Here are a series of photos in which I aim to compare warm and cool shots

Sunshine Coast, Austraila, near Noosa


The picture on the left is much cooler than the one on the right. The warmer picture on the right was taken with the vivid function on my camera. It enhanced the colour of the sand and rocks pulling up the warm orange-yellow. I find this one interesting because when I first saw Cee’s colour wheel, I commented to her that I thought of the lime green was more of a cool colour yet when comparing these two photos I realised that the vivid had bought up green tinges in the sea and it definitely makes it seem warmer.

The Grand Canyon

This photo taken as the sun begins to set exudes the warmth of the orange and reddish rocks. It is as if the rocks were glowing after being baked in the sun all day. They were like glowing embers, emitting the heat stored from the day.



This photo on the other hand, was taken during the day and is somewhat over exposed. The blue sky and the glare from the white gray rocks are cool as are the green trees and foliage.


Santa Monica Beach

This shot is all about the cool blues and white sand.



This photo featuring the bright colourful umbrellas and chairs on the right paints a much warmer picture with the yellows, reds and pinks. I can imagine sunbathing in this picture where as in the picture above I imagine taking a walk along the beach on a cool breezy day.


Las Vegas Hotel Atrium

On the left, the abundance of green and clear glass balls keeps this photo on the cool side of the spectrum. A close up of the giant yellow daffodils brings it into the spectrum’s warm side.

Thank you Cee for another thought provoking challenge!

Yoroshiku Onegai shimasuimages (1)




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