Smooth Sculpture

The Hakone Open Air Museum has featured in many of my posts. I love to take friends there. It has outstanding outdoor sculptures, by world renown artists and the up and coming. It is expansive, green. It is situated up in the mountains so makes a lovely get away from the city whether it just be a day trip or an overnighter.

Here are some pieces that have smooth surfaces in response to Cee’s Fun Foto challenge, “Things that are smooth”

Henry Moore‘s Reclining Figure, Angles and Atom Piece

These bronze sculptures have shiny smooth rounded surfaces. I love all the different angles you see as you walk around them.


Niki St Phalle’s Giant Nana


I love Niki St Phalle’s work. I recently attended an awesome exhibition here in Tokyo and was surprised to learn of her lasting connection with Japan. I love Manja Mexi’s blog and was excited to find various posts on Niki St Phalle in her content. At the exhibition, I learnt about the Tarot Garden in Tuscany, created by Niki. It is a dream to get there one day and hopefully, I can drop in on Mexi! Check out her blog for pictures of the Tarot Garden!

The Picasso Pavilion has smooth white tiled walls and the large letters are smooth shiny and black. off course, the inside is well worth a peruse!


Works by Takao Tsuchida, a Japanese artist, are among the first things you see as you emerge from the tunnel into the grounds of the sculpture park. These two fellows kind of remind me of Alice in Wonderland and the Queen’s card soldiers. Some of the sculptures you see as you wander around this great area are somewhat surreal and you do feel like you are in a wonderland!

Smooth Sculptures you can interact with

My friend’s kids love this place too. There is plenty to see and there is also lots of space to run around and play in. You can climb on some of the sculptures. This huge honey comb type of climbing sculpture was covered in a smooth perspex type of material. Kids loved clambering all through it. Of course being in Japan, you must take your shoes off before entering!

The poached egg is a smooth favourite and a great place to relax at about the half way point. again, shoes off, please!

A nine year old’s smooth favourites

Last time I was there, I gave Master “J” my camera, as one of the pieces I was working on was a collaborative piece for Blogging 101. I asked him to take some photos for me. He said his favourite was the smooth square granite block sculpture.

Wishing you all smooth sailing for the week to come

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  1. Oooh, looky here! It’s Niki’s Nana, looking very ladylike, and a lovely invitation to my blog and a pouncing warning. 🙂 By all means, I’ll take you to the Tarot Garden, you just need to get the continent right. 😀 And if I ever get over there, I’ll be happy to take off my shoes and jump around (are adults allowed to do it too?) Thank you, thank you, thank you!

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