Seasonal Images

What images come to mind as you think of the seasons? I am going to work my way through the year of seasons as I experience them. Living in the Northern Hemisphere and flitting down to New Zealand on a regular basis makes for a bit of a topsy turvy year in terms of seasons but each one brings its own special images.


My New Year starts with summer. I try and make it home each year for Christmas and New Year and of course down under in NZ that means summer. The images I carry in my head and those I am sharing with you are family, a summer Christmas and time spent on the beach.


Seasons (1)

2010 Christmas, Mum Dad and the three sisters!

Seasons (2)

Baracoa, Cuba



My seasons are a bit out of order as I head back to the Northern Hemisphere. March and April herald the coming of Spring in Japan and the Cherry blossoms are a fleeting but beautiful fanfare to the arrival of warmer weather.

Seasons (7)

The night view along the canal at Naka Meguro, Tokyo

Seasons (8)

The trees near my house


The Rainy Season

In June, Japan sees the rainy season. It is hot and humid and damp, yet is is welcomed as the rainy season ensures the success of the rice growing season.  I love the hydrangeas during this time. They evoke memories and images of my grandmother’s garden.



August is my Japanese summer vacation which turns  the complete opposite and becomes my NZ Winter vacation. Clear days with crisp blue skies and biting winds along with trips to the snow are my winter images. I love a winter road trip! These photos were actually taken in America where I visited Upstate NY with good friends. The Snowman is an ambassador representing good relations between NZ and the USA! Alas, my snowman building skills are not going to ever feature on my top ten skills list!

Seasons (5)

Seasons (6)



As my year nears the end and I look forward to another New Zealand Summer, I get to experience the glory of a Japanese Autumn. The Japanese love Autumn colours and many gardens are planted very cleverly to make the most of the changing colours of the leaves. I love to go on autumn outings and snap images of the colours. I love autumn in Japan as it marks the end of the hot sticky humid summer.

Seasons (3)

Seasons (4)

While this post is rather a literal look at the seasons, I do find when autumn comes and the leaves fall I often think about the circle of life. The falling leaves remind me of my Nana’s hands and my fascination with them when I was little. I wrote this post about it a while back. I hope you  will take the time to check it out. It is dedicated to my Nan.

In response to the Daily Post’s Weekly Challenge – Seasons

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  1. Leanne, the cherry blossoms and fall colors are marvelous!! You’re indeed blessed to be able to be in so many places so often and it’s a treat for us to be able to share little bits of those places and experiences.


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