#116 Abstract

Not sure what the protocol is when it comes to reblogging one of your own posts from your other blog but just wanted to share this because I found it so funny that the abstract world of art is now colliding with my reality and secondly I wanted to introduce my second blog, a photo-a-day blog, to those who might not of seen it yet. It is called “You Inspire Me “. Any inspiration in the form of a word is appreciated. I will do my best to match with a photo! Thank you!

You Inspire Me

#116 Abstract LA Getty Center,  2011

It is with a giggle and a slight tinge of regret that I realise this abstract representation of the female form may be getting closer to my reality, as the term “middle age spread” begins to apply to my world!

Today’s inspiration comes courtesy of Ailsa and Where’s my Backpack’s weekly travel theme Challenge.

Thank you



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