Bear with Me!

I swear they are bears! Just bear with me while I introduce you!


IMG_20130110_215801.jpgWell three bears and three owls, truth be told. The brown bear on the left was made by my dear friend and super crafty, in a good way, friend Susan. I bought it as a kitset at the 100 yen shop ($1.00) in Japan. He is made from a pair of socks!

The middle owl was a gift from another dear friend called Susan and I just love him, so I pottered around and tried to recreate them. I was quite pleased with my efforts. Not something I will ever make a living from as it took me forever! but was fun.

Crafty Susan made the bear look so easy, I gave it a go myself. I didn’t have a sewing machine so go stuck in with a bit of wonky hand sewing. My bears have slightly weird body shapes and the arms on one ended up slightly simian-like, the other has a peculiar little body but I swear they are meant to be bears!

Wonky bears



Meet Gilbert and Sullivan





In response to JNW’s One Word Challenge Bear

Yoroshiku Onegai shimasuimages (1)


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