Early Starts

My travel adventures over the years have necessitated some early starts. Each one though met with disbelief and some grumbling and maybe the odd expletive, has proved worth it.

The Sun Gate and View over Machu Pichu on the Inca Trail

An early 2 am start and a steep climb to the Sungate was well worth the stunning vista of Machu Pichu as the sun rose.

Hot Air Ballooning in the Australia Outback



Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro.

We left at 11pm and climbed through the early hours of the morning hoping to make the summit by sunrise. My intrepid trekking buddies did. Unfortunately, I was a bit slower, I witnessed a stunning sunrise on the side of the mountain with views over the Kenyan border from Tanzinia,


I continued on up with my guide Frederick and we made Stella Point, It was only another 139 metres to the summit and the most difficult part of the climb was done. Having said that that mere 139 metres would have added an extra hour or 2 to my climb so sadly we had to make the descent as we still had to break camp and head further down the mountain and my team was waiting for us. Although I was gutted at not actually summiting I had never been over 5000 metres before so to make it to 5756m was amazing,


Sunrise Game Drive, Serengeti, Tanzinia.

This was a great way to celebrate my 48th birthday, and although it was an early start, it was very relaxing after Kilimanjaro! Later in the day we spotted a Cheetah eating its fresh kill.


A relaxing early morning breakfast on Langkawi Island, Malaysia

The view from my room made it very easy to get up every morning and enjoy fresh tropical fruits on my deck while watching the day dawn,


In response to Where’s my Backpack’s weekly Travel theme Challenge- Early

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