Navy Blue

Permission to board, Sir! – USS Ronald Reagan

This is a rehash of a previous post, I hope you don’t mind but it seemed so appropriate to JNW’s Colour my World – Navy Blue Challenge I couldn’ resist.

On October the 1st,2015, the USS Ronald Reagan arrived in Japan at the Yokosuka United States Naval base. It is the latest and largest ever American Aircraft Carrier. It will be stationed at Yokosuka for the next several years. The boys in Navy Blue put out an invitation for an open day and a chance to board and view the carrier.

It was my first chance to go on base, an interesting experience in itself. Getting onboard involved a very 3-hour long wait in line on a hot day but I must say I was happy we persevered as once on board it was fascinating. The young servicemen and women clad in navy blue camo gear were very welcoming and informative. I was struck by the youth of the crew, apparently the average age of the sailors on board is about 23 years old. The pure size and logistics of running a carrier this size are unbelievable. This small clip introduces the carrier. There are also some great full-length docos on you tube if you care to watch them.

My friends and I ambushed the XO or the 2nd in command and he, very obligingly, posed for a photo with us. Although not dressed in Navy Blue, he is a Navy man through and through. I suspect his blood is Navy Blue!

Yoroshiku Onegai shimasuimages (1)


2 responses to “Navy Blue

    • It was amazing to go on board. A very smoothly run PR operation. The young service men and women were wonderful and the carrier was massive, quite mind boggling.


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