Home is where the heart is.


For the last 4 years, Japan has been my home away from home. To me home is not a place alone or a house, it is a place where I am surrounded by family and friends.

all in the bed                                                                                                                   The home that I will always return to is my family. The heart of something is the center and my family center me. The are like the important hub of my life. My travels and adventures are like spokes that run out to the rim which runs round, but at any point is joined to the hub by another spoke and is always there to return to.

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Sadly my dad and mum are struggling with their health and the time has come to head home to be with them, my sisters and our amazing extended family who offer so much support and love.

Here in Japan, I am blessed with supportive workmates, awesome students who have well and truly won my heart and warm loving friends. There are too many special people to mention but I am sure you know who you are!

I have been privileged to teach 9 wonderful young men, 7 from Tonga and 2 from the States who are here in Japan to play rugby. They are way from their home, their family and their loved ones and I can’t imagine how hard that must be for them sometimes. They have been an absolute inspiration to me, they are immersed in a foreign culture, studying a new language, playing rugby at a high level and have made their new home by making strong friendships and looking after each other like brothers. They are very much part of my Japan family.

Leaving my friends, students and work here in Japan is difficult as I love them so much but I know they understand and will welcome me back if the opportunity ever arises. I hope that they know wherever I am is a welcome mat to a home for them to visit anytime too!

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  3. Such a beautiful post of an even more beautiful family. Home is definitely where family is surrounding you! Thanks for sharing. I look forward to following your blog! 🙂


  4. I love how you tackled the prompt. Wow! This post captures my definition of home. Talk about home and you talk about family and loved ones. A house filled with different activities – laughter, music, chaos, play, cries, cooking and eating et al. Blessings to your entire family and household. 🙂

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