Stroll to the Station

Walking to the station after work tonight was fun because I had my camera in hand and felt like you were with me.

These street shots are taken for the photo 101 course and the task was to shoot some wide shots to establish the scene.

Walk with me as I head to the station from school.

Leaving the school, taken from  the second floor. Watch your step!

Street (2)

Turn left out the gate and follow the kids, keep to the right, there are no footpaths and the road is narrow when delivery trucks park up! watch out for cyclists. Go under the overbridge and note the mural. The students from my school painted it and those are my first 2 wonderful Tongan students pictured in it!

Street (3).JPG

Take the first left after the mural. I never noticed the graffiti until I looked at this picture! Check out that wee bakery on the left some time, they have nice stuff. At this point on my snappy happy jaunt, I realised my camera has a wide function so I swapped over.

Street (4)

Go straight, cross the river, you’ll see various restaurants and funky wee clothing stores.

Street (5)

Off to your left, you will see a big tower block. It’s called the Atlas Tower.

You should come to the main road with the railway running overhead. Cross the road to Naka Meguro Station

Street (8)

Street (9)

And here we are! Let me take you up to platform and make sure you get on the right train! You can see the Atlas tower and the road we just crossed from the platform

street (9a)

Street (10)

Have a great day! Hope you enjoyed your stroll along the Tokyo streets in the Naka Meguro area.

In response to Photo 101 –  Day 2, Establishing the Scene, Wide Shots

Yoroshiku Onegai shimasuimages (1)






15 responses to “Stroll to the Station

  1. This was brilliant! Thanks for showing us around☺. The one with the biker and the graffiti is quite good. You have the sense of movement in both the graffiti and the biker. Looks interesting.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I feel like I got to experience your walk. These are all very nice pictures and work pretty well together to tell a story.

    In terms of composition, I think I like the photos with strong lines the best. I like the railroad station, and the photo where the people are crossing the street. It’s fun to see the people walking in one direction and the lines on the street painted in the opposite way.

    Great work.


  3. I especially like the photo with the biker and the graffiti — he looks like he escaped from the action on the wall into real life!

    Liked by 2 people

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