Love HE -ART

Without art, the earth is just eh!

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Street art (6)b

Hosier Lane   Melbourne


Not a heart but a skull, this piece of sculpture art stood out in Hosier Lane, an alleyway of graffiti art in the center of Melbourne. A tribute to Frida and someone’s love of her work.

Street art (31)

Frida Kahlo was a renown Mexican artist. She lived a very avant-garde lifestyle. Her self-portraits are trademarks of her body of works.

She was born in 1907 and died aged 47 in 1954. Her work gained prominence in the 1980’s some time after her death. Her work is considered emblematic of indigenous Mexican traditions, feminists have praised it as an “uncompromising depiction of the female experience and form.”

Her turbulent and somewhat unorthodox life adds colour and background to her work.  Frida was not a believer in “one love” in the physical sense. Both she and her husband, artist Diego Rivera, had numerous affairs during their time together and she was a bi-sexual. Her relation with her husband was troubled as they were both very strong personalities with difficult temperaments. They divorced and remarried, only to spend a lot of time apart.

However, Diego was there to tend to her in her dying days. He wrote that  Kahlo’s death was the most tragic day of his life and that he had realized too late that the most wonderful part of his life had been his love for her.

He discovered his one love but it was too late.

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