Early Blossoms

The classic delicate blossoms that bloom en masse in Japan and cause suited businessmen and women, students, pensioners and family to frolic sometimes drunkenly under the trees are about a week or two from blooming in Tokyo. The trees are just beginning to show tiny green buds. my anticipation and excitement builds each day as I check the trees out on my way to school.

My cherry blossom craving was sated a little today with these early bloomers.


Photo 101 asked us to look at nature and leading lines. The canal up the middle leads my eyes to the shadows on the water. The stronger leading line seems to be the main branch starting ing the bottom right. This leads the eye across to the centre of the page and the profusion of pink blooms.


The branch starting in the corner is a nice short but strong line to the blossom. I like that the out of focus softer branches follow the same line.


The flower definitely draws the eye. I am not sure that unfocused branch below can be called a leading line but I do feel it underlines the flower as if to say this is the title of this picture. as my eye runs along the branch it also catches on the strong straight lines of the condo balconies behind. These lines definitely make me view this photo from left to right. Whereas with the first two I feel I start at the right and scroll across or possibly follow the canal up the page.


The green branch is the leading diagonal  here, it is interrupted by the blossom and then continues through. The blurred rail going across also catches my eye possibly because it is level with the bottom of the flower or maybe because it is roughly at that 1/3  position.

While I am not sure if I nailed the leading line of today’s challenge, I did have a nice day looking at nature!

Yoroshiku Onegai shimasuimages (1)


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