Tickets to the Ballet, Lost in Translation!

My sister and I visited Moscow in 2011, a most excellent trip full of laughter, misunderstandings and more laughter with a serving of dance.

True story

We took ourselves off to see The Kremlin Ballet Theatre who were performing Swan Lake in the Kremlin no less. We were told, or so we thought, to go to a very official looking building to apply for tickets. We managed to find our way to aforementioned official building, get past some stern looking guards and into a musty office. It felt all very James Bond but we just thought because it was in the Kremlin maybe there were security hoops to jump through. We filled in a form that wanted our academic background and speciality as well as passport details, citizenship and phone number. Seemed like rather a palaver to go through just to get a Ballet ticket. All this took about an hour. We were finally called into a small room with a rather severe looking pursed lipped lady. She looked at our application and asked what we wanted. We smiled and said we wanted tickets to Swan Lake. She replied ”This is the office for Library cards” Whoops. Exit stage Left.


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All this for a Ballet ticket?


We finally found the box office, yes just like at home, and managed to purchase tickets very easily! Our theory about Kremlin security measures was not completely without premise as that evening we found there was a line and a check to get into the Kremlin grounds to get to the theatre. Good thing we went early! The ballet was superb, we had excellent seats and loved it.

Dance and theatre are such a cultural experiences and given the opportunity, I love to attend different dance or theatre performances when I travel. Here are some previous one photo posts on Dance, Flamenco in Cuba, Free style in Cuba, Cultural performance in India and a collection of whirling and twirling

In Response to The Daily Post Weekly Photo Challenge – Dance

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