Breathtaking beauty -26 Weeks Letter Challenge

The Bealey Spur walk done with best buddies was breathtaking not only in the beauty of nature’s bounty but in the uphill climb for unfit beginners. We made to the musterers’ hut for a billy of tea and bread and bacon butties.

This was a memorable day as it was an ambitious start to our training regime for the Inca trail trekking trip we had booked for the end of the year. We felt muscles we had forgotten by the end of the day but it is a truly beautiful walk and one I am looking forward to doing again

This week the letter “B” brings you the breathtaking beauty of the Bealey Spur as part of  Lori’s of Let there be peace on earth’s 26 Weeks Letter Challenge.

Yoroshiku Onegai shimasuimages (1)


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