Collection of “C” 26 Weeks Letter Challenge


Campervan Holiday – Castlepoint Light house in the background

Campervan Holiday

Canoe – A different form of transport. We were taken by dugout canoe to our campsite in the Okavango Delta, Namibia.

Canoe okavango

Castlehill – A Conservation area in Porters Pass, Sth Island, New Zealand known for its Karst Limestone Rock formations

Castle Hill

Chairs – Taken in a theatre in Hue, where I attended a Cultural perormance.


Chinese Lantern festival – Held in the Auckland Domain. Cup  of Tea anyone?

Chinese Lantern Festival

Cute pumpkin and not so cute clown! – Taken at the Hong Kong Halloween Parade

Clear, Crisp and Cold – The view from Treble Cone Ski Field, Wanaka, New Zealand

Crisp, cold and clear

This week the letter “C” brings you this random collection of “C” pictures as part of  Lori’s of Let there be Peace on Earth’s 26 Weeks Letter Challenge.

Yoroshiku Onegai shimasuimages (1)


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