The Letter “F”

Famous, Film set, Flamingoes, Folkart, Fortification, Fossils, Freakshow!

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This week the letter “F” brings you some fun words beginning with “F”! as part of  Lori’s of Let there be Peace on Earth’s 26 Weeks Letter Challenge.

A funny little aside story, I have recently returned home to family as my dear father is suffering from dementia. While it is sad to see his confusion and see him struggle with simple things, he has maintained a twinkle in the eye and a funny if somewhat naughty sense of humour. As part of the standard dementia testing, he was asked to list various words beginning with certain letter. When the doctor came to “f” we all held our breathe, wondering if a certain forbidden word would pop out. Dad just grinned and said ” I can think of one but I don’t think that is what you are looking for!”

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6 responses to “The Letter “F”

  1. An F-word in the US doesn’t mean anything good, that’s for sure, and since I don’t have JavaScript (and my IT husband says not to get it), I can only see the desert scene with the horses. But I enjoyed that one.



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