Invisible Elephants

Invisible Elephants!

The moment I saw Ailsa’s theme of friendship this week, I thought of my friend, Shelley. It is with great admiration, I introduce you to Shelley Nonanda Harris, my oldest and dearest friend and the very brave and wonderful children’s book “Invisible Elephants“which is written by her.

Shelley and I started school as five-year-olds, pretty much on the same day as our birthdays are only a day apart. and almost 45 years later are still firm friends. Amazing to think we have been friends for 90% of our lives

As a little one, I didn’t realise the difficulties Shelley was facing. It wasn’t until we were young adults that I began to understand what she had endured while growing up.  Her family background was very difficult but her resilience and spirit saw her battle through.

She was and still is  the most amazing person, now with her own family who she loves, nurtures  and cherishes with a passion. She is a wonderful wife, mother, and grandmother. It is the family she deserves.

Shelley’s book addresses some of the difficulties she faced growing up in a dysfunctional family fuelled by alcoholism. While not conventional in its subject matter, it is written in a beautiful sympathetic way with humour that children can relate to. As the publisher rightly says “In this remarkable book, Shelley Nonanda Harris teaches children to never be afraid to speak up about any problems in their own lives.” This is the first book in her ‘My Nanny’ collection which is “intended for those who find themselves in less-than-conventional families.” – Austin Macauley, Publisher

I have so much admiration for this lady as this story is extremely personal. It was a brave and at the same time scary decision for her to share it in such a public way. “It is Shelley’s hope that these stories will give the reader the courage to rise above their circumstances.” – Austin Macauley, Publisher

Please check out the sample PDF  on the publisher’s site. If you know of anyone or any organisation that might like to have this book please pass the link on. I wish her every success as my friend and she will always have my enduring admiration.

I am so proud of you Shelley and value our friendship! It is a priceless treasure

In response to The Daily Post’s Weekly Challenge – Admiration and Where’s by Backpack Weekly Travel Challenge

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