Articles about Japan

As I see interesting links,articles and sites about Japan I will add to this page. From the factual to the weird and wonderful, to the shocking and interesting.

1) January 2015 – The Weak Yen – A great time for people to visit Japan. You get more bang for your buck.  Not so good if you are working here and earning yen. Not a good time to send savings home. I am playing the waiting game at the moment.

2) WTF interest value.

Bagel Heads! This wee gem surfaced in 2012. May be rubbish but it could easily fall in to the “only in Japan” category!

3) Shocking! This shocked me. I didn’t realise child porn was legal in Japan until June 2014.

4) Food! Everyday I partake of a Unesco cultural intangible asset and it is delicious!

5) Aged care by a bear????? that is a robo bear. The aging Japanese population is bringing forward many problems. One major one is there are not enough people to care for the elderly. I am not entirely convinced this is the solution! Needless to say I will return to NZ to live out my dotage.

6) Robot with feelings and a price tag!


Views, impressions, feedback or just a chat are all welcome!

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