Please Join my Challenge

Welcome to the Travel Trinket and Memories Challenge!

Being a big fan of several Photo Challenges, I am going to try and host one myself. I am not sure how long it will last but would love it if you could take part!

Challenge Outline – Every Thursday 

Over the years as I have become a more experienced and seasoned traveler I have come to realise that my travels are not all about shopping! The people, the places, the experiences, the culture, the food, the music, the customs and all that is different and exciting are what stay with me and my memories and photos are what I collect now. However having said that I do like to collect one or 2 little things that remind me of places and as I look around my living room I see small trinkets that take me back to my travels and ignite memories of places, people, noises and smells. In a recent One Word Photo Challenge post I used a trinket as a lead in. It got me looking at all my other trinkets and thinking about past adventures. I’d like to take a few weeks, months maybe a year to introduce some of these small trinket treasures and share the memories. If you would like to share some of your trinkets and memories please feel free to join me and post a link on my blog post or on this page. I will update this page regularly with your contributions. If I inadvertently miss your post , apologies! and please give me a friendly prod and I will sort it!

How It Works

  1. Create a post about some trinket and the memories attached with it. Mine are generally travel related but please don’t feel you are limited to travel only memories. As far as I’m concerned it is a journey down memory lane!
  2. Add a link to my challenge page in  your blog post                                                                                                                 so I can get pingback and then share your post on my challenge summary page.
  3. To make it easy for others to check out your photos and post, title your blog post “Travel Trinket and Memories Challenge” tag.
  4. If you choose to follow my blog you will get a weekly reminder in the form of my Travel and trinket post which is scheduled to go up every Thursday at 12.10am Japan time

I usually will respond to your entry on your blog, rather than on my page. I’d love to join you in your retrospective travels down memory lane. I am going to try and post one a week so please join me. Please check out other peoples posts! I know I love it when people check out my posts on other challenges. It is appreciated and encouraging.
images (1)Yoroshiku Onegai shimasu


Check out these entries to date.

As of Week #40, I am on a sabbatical and won’t be posting any trinkets for a bit as I am in the process of returning home to NZ and all my trinkets are packed away. Please don’t let this stop you! I would still love to live and travel vicariously through your trinkets and memories! Just link to this page or any of my other posts and I will visit you and pop a link up on this page. Thank you! Best regards and happy travels and memories! Leanne

Week# 40 (3/3 ~

A Family Treasure by NihongoJapango

Stunning painting  By Teri Gone Walkabout

Week #39 (2/25 ~ 2/3)

A different kind of rocking horse by NihongoJapango

Sioux Pottery By Teri Gone Walkabout

Week #38 (2/18 ~2/24)

Surpise another wee Gecko By NihongoJapango

Navajo Pottery By Teri Gone Walkabout

Week #37  (2/11 ~ 2/17)

Another wee Gecko By NihongoJapango

Week #36 (2/4 ~ 2/10)

Gecko – Friendly Sidekick By NihongoJapango

Week# 35 ( 1/28 ~ 3/1)

Gift of Time By NihongoJapango

Lego By Little Calico

Week # 34 (1/21 ~ 1/27)

Totoro, a real character! By NihongoJapango

Italian Memento By Work, Food, Home and a Life Beyond

A lasting Spanish trinket by Quingdom

A Wise Owl By Just me please

Week# 33 (1/14 ~ 1/20)

Home made By NihongoJapango

Field of Dreams By Teri Gone Walk About

Week #32 (1/7 ~ 1/13)

More Kiwiana! By NihongoJapango

Alaska  By Teri Gone Walk About

Week #31  (12/31 ~ 1/6)

Handicrafts by NihongoJapango

Batik by Just Me please

Highland Joy By Teri Gone Walk About

Week #30 (12/24 ~ 12/30)

Kiwiana By NihongoJapango

Japanese Lion By Little Calico

Week #29 (12/17 ~ 12/23)

Red Fuji By Nihongo Japango

German House By Teri Gone Walk About

Week #28 (12/10 ~ 12/16)

Rugby Santa By Nihongo Japango

Guatamala Jade  By Teri Gone Walk About

week #27 (12/03 + 12/09)

Japanese Obi By NihongoJapango

Week #26 (11/26 ~ 12/02)

My origins in Stone By NihongoJapango

Magnets for my map By Manta Piece

Week#25 (11/19 ~ 11/25)

Grandad’s Calendar By NihongoJapango

Week#24 (11/11 ~ 11/18 )

Penang Murals By NihongoJapango

Costa Rican Toucan By Teri Gone Walk About

Week#23 (11/05 ~ 11/11)

Peru Wall Hanging  By NihongoJapango

Handmade Memory By Teri Gone Walk About

Week#22 (10/28 ~ 11/04 )

Scotland – Bag Pipes By NihongoJapango

Week#21 (10/22 ~ 10/28)

Botswana – Beaded Giraffe By NihongoJapango

Week #20 Whooohooo! (10/15 – 10/21)

Australia – Sydney Opera House by NihongoJapango

Week #19 (10/8 ~ 10/14

Essential Oil Burner – Ireland by NihongoJapango

Week #18 (10/1 ~ 10/7)

Tanzania Hippo by NihongoJapango

Shanghai fridge magnet by MANTA Piece

Week #17 (9/24 ~ 9/30)

A Box of Memories By NihongoJapango

Luggage by Vellissima

Postcards from Macau By Little Calico’s Journal

Week #16 (9/17 ~ 9/23)

Cups  By NihongoJapango

A Compass by Teri Gone Walkabout

Arizona Photos By Idaho Bluebird (some places, you just can’t buy a trinket but the photos and memories are worth so much!)

Week #15 (9/10 ~ 9/16)

My Wonderful Crystal Ring By NihongoJapango

A Masai Baby Bottle By Teri Gone Walkabout

Mr Happy!  By Little Calico’s Journal

Week #14 (9/3 ~ 9/9)

My Pounamu Pendant By Nihongo Japango

One Carving, three angles – By Pics by Kaz

Angkor Wat – Fridge Magnet By Little Calico’s Journal

Week #13 (8/27 ~ 9/2)

Maroon Moroccan Magic Carpet By Nihongo Japango ( A little early this week!)

Week #12 (8/20 ~ 8/26)

Cuban Art By NihongoJapango

Mama Mia – A Spanish CD By My Spanish word of the Day

Erawan Shrine Bombing By Today, Tomorrow and the Day After

Madame Butterfly – Changi By Expat on ACK

Jasmine, My Gold Souk Trinket By Teri gone walkabout

Ocean Park – Hong Kong By Little Calico’s Journal

Week #11 (8/13 ~ 8/19)

Russian Babushka By NihongoJapango

A Tsumori Chisato Tumbler  By Little Calico’s Journal

Hungary by By Teri gone walkabout

An Australian Shot Glass By Little Calico’s Journal

Week #10 (8/6 ~ 8/12)

Peru – A carved Gourd By NihongoJapango

Questions and answers By The Snow Melts Somewhere

Fasching Festival – Germany By Reflections on the river

Girl with the Dragon Chopstick Holders By Expat on ACK

Week #9 (7/30 ~ 8/5)

Someone else’s Trinket By NihongoJapango

What a Bargain By Teri gone walkabout

Week #8 (7/23 ~ 7/29)

Nepal – Precious Turquoise Moments By NihongoJapango

Travel Trinkets and Memory Challenge By Serenity Now

Mount E Mei  By GF- Chopstix

The Newest Addition to my Rock Collection By DD’s Thought Card

Port Clyde – Maine By Expat on ACK

First Nation Girl with Puppy – Canada By Teri gone walkabout

Cute Strawberry By Little Calico’s Journal

Week #7 (7/16 ~ 7/22)

Symbol By NihongoJapango  ( Hope you don’t mind, it is a little early but I am heading away for a few weeks and am not sure what kind of internet access I will have plus it worked in nicely with the Daily post weekly challenge)

The Pacific Blue By From Hiding to Blogging

Spanish Souvenirs By Middle Europe

Tiny Doll from Taiwan By Little Calico’s Journal

A Basket Tote  By Teri Gone Walkabout

Week #6 (7/9 ~ 7/15)

China, The Terracotta Army By NihongoJapango

Russian Tea Cups By Teri gone walkabout

Week #5 (7/2 ~ 7/8)

Britain Water colour  By NihongoJapango

Week #4 (4/25 ~ 7/1)

Italian Vespa By NihongoJapango

Week #3 (4/18 ~ 4/24)

Tanzania By NihongoJapango

Forgive, Reconcile but not forget by Self Therapy

Travel trinkets and memories by Drawing with Pastels

Week  #2 (4/11 ~ 4/17)

Vivid and Handmade – Travel Trinkets By NihongoJapango

Week #1 (4/6 ~4/10)

The Year of the Tiger By NihongoJapango

Travel trinkets and Memories: Leanne’s Challenge #1 By The Beautiful Hart Project

Cookies in a Chinese Hotel Room By The Snow Melts Somewehere

110 responses to “Please Join my Challenge

  1. I find this as a reader, absolutely. If the minor characters seem real/memorable it’s due to the fact that &#8t;61some2hing’ about their own sense of self/history/goals slips through into the narrative.


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  6. Hi Leanne, I haven’t been taking part in this challenge since I started working few months ago, and free time was tied down for my music exams, hopefully I have more time after July exam. Do you still host this challenge? I’m picking up pace on blogging again and hope to participate from time to time~


    • Hi there! I am in the middle of a big move home to New Zealand and helping my parents pack up and down size. All my knickknacks are packed up for the moment so I am on a bit of a sabatical. My blog posts are a little slow for the moment too.


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  36. Hello Leanne, Thank you for your love and sharing your world with me. I find your blog inspiring, a lot of care and work put into it. I share your love of traveling, although I have been to Japan I thought it will tough to live there. Does the language help? Beneath the politeness of its people I felt and icy cold wall. An impenetrable culture.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yes I think the language does help. Most of my very good friends and support crew are Japanese who have lived abroad so have had experiences outside their own culture. There are times I really just don’t understand the way of thinking but I guess those are the times I just accept I am living in a foreign culture! Thanks for your visit and kind words!


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    • Hi Rose I have started a Monday meme post / challenge. I am posting on Monday but if you want to join and post on Thursday that is fine! I have set it up like this trinket challenge. I will list anyone who shares post on my Monday meme page with a link to their post. No set date for posting. I will just put it on the week it comes in. Not sure if this is what you are thinking of? My first post will go up on Monday 19th of Oct . Check it out and if it appeals please join in!

      Liked by 1 person

        • Your OWPC is amazing! Mine is a baby compared to yours. I can appreciate how much time it must take you! and it is so well thought out and presented. Writing 101 has been my focus this month but looking forward to getting back into your challenge next month!


          • Writing 101 has been better than I could have imgined. I need to go back through and read more of your posts. Looking at your collaboration with a 9 year old now. Thank you so so much for your kind words. I keep tweaking as I learn from mistakes. But I’m happy it’s doing so well. I’ll take your word that yours still has room to grow, but it looks spectacular, so I’m sure it will keep gaining new participants.

            Liked by 1 person

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